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Dating Lenox pieces, general rule of thumb:  Gold backstamp, 1952 - present day (exception: custom orders prior to '52 sometimes had a gold backstamp); green or black backstamp, 1905 - 1952 ; Lenox/CAC (Ceramic Arts Co.), 1899 - 1905.
Lenox 86 1/2
Lenox Adrienne
Lenox Alaris
Lenox Antoinette
Lenox Apple Blossom
Lenox Architect's Tea Set
Lenox Aristocrat
Lenox Arrowhead
Lenox Aurora
Lenox Autumn
Lenox Avon
Lenox Bancroft
Lenox Barclay
Lenox Beacon Hill, Newer Version
Lenox Beacon Hill, E502 older version
Lenox Bellefonte
Lenox Bellevue Maroon
Lenox Bellevue Sea Green
Lenox Beltane
Lenox Belvidere
Lenox Black Royale
Lenox Blue Royale
Lenox Blue Tree, gold mk
Lenox Brookdale
Lenox Caribbee
Lenox Carolina
Lenox Castle Garden
Lenox Cattail
Lenox Chanson
Lenox Charleston
Lenox Charmaine
Lenox Chesapeake
Lenox Christie
Lenox Citation Gold
Lenox Clarion
Lenox Colonial
Lenox Coquette
Lenox Country Garden
Lenox Cretan
Lenox Daybreak T-417
Lenox Eclipse
Lenox Essex Maroon
Lenox Eternal
Lenox Fair Lady
Lenox Fairmount
Lenox Federal Gold
Lenox Festival
Lenox Flirtation
Lenox Flower Song
Lenox Fountain
Lenox Future
Lenox Gaylord
Lenox Glendale
Lenox Golden Gate
Lenox Golden Wreath
Lenox Grammercy
Lenox Hamilton
Lenox Hancock
Lenox Hanover J30
Lenox Harvest
Lenox Hawthorne
Lenox Hayworth (Gold Trim)
Lenox Helmsley
Lenox Holiday
Lenox Holiday Hostess
Lenox Imperial
Lenox Interlude
Lenox J19K
Lenox Jefferson
Lenox Jewel
Lenox Jewel - Pink A557
Lenox Kingsley
Lenox Lace Point
Lenox Lafayette
Lenox Laurent
Lenox Laurenwood Place
Lenox - Lenox Rose
Lenox Liberty
Lenox Lonsdale
Lonsdale - Blue
Lenox Lowell P67 - gold backstamp
Lenox Lowell P67 - green backstamp
Lenox M147
Lenox M161
Lenox Madison
Lenox Malmaison Ivory
Lenox Mayfair P353
Lenox Maywood
Lenox Meadow Song
Lenox Meadowbrook M3
Lenox Medley
Lenox Melisande
Lenox Memoir
Lenox Ming - black backstamp
Lenox Ming - gold backstamp
Lenox Ming Temple
Lenox Montclair
Lenox Monterey
Lenox Monticello
Lenox Moonlight
Lenox Moonlight Mood
Lenox Moonspun
Lenox Morning Blossom
Lenox Musette
Lenox Mystic
Lenox Nicole
Lenox Nydia
Lenox Oakleaf - black
Lenox Oakleaf - Cobalt Blue
Lenox Oakleaf - Maroon
Lenox Olympia - Gold
Lenox Olympia Platinum
Lenox The Orchard
Lenox Orleans
Lenox Oslo
Lenox P22
Lenox P407R
Lenox P72
Lenox Pagoda
Lenox Patriot
Lenox Pavlova
Lenox Peachtree
Lenox Pembrook Maroon
Lenox Pierce
Lenox Pine
Lenox Pinehurst - Maroon
Lenox Princess
Lenox Priscilla
Lenox Promise
Lenox Provence Green
Lenox Renaissance
Lenox Repertoire
Lenox Reverie
Lenox Rhodora
Lenox Richelieu Court
Lenox Riverdale
Lenox Romance
Lenox Rose Manor
Lenox Rosedale
Lenox Roselyn
Lenox Rosemont
Lenox Rutledge
Lenox S8
Lenox Sachet
Lenox Saxon Flowers
Lenox Serenade
Lenox Sheraton Ivory
Silver Lenox
Lenox Snow Lily
Lenox Solitaire
Lenox Somerset
Lenox Sonata Cobalt
Lenox Sonata O388
Lenox Spring Bouquet
Lenox Springdale
Lenox Starlight
Lenox Tableau
Lenox Temple Blossom
Lenox Tempo
The Mt. Vernon
Lenox 3 Step
Lenox Tudor
Lenox Tuscany
Lenox Tuxedo J33 - gold backstamp
Lenox J33 Tuxedo - green backstamp
Lenox Urban Lights
Lenox Valera
Lenox Venture
Lenox Washington Wakefield
Lenox Washington (Turquoise)
Lenox Weatherly
Lenox Westchester M139 - gold backstamp
Lenox Westchester M139 - green backstamp
Lenox Westfield
Lenox Westport
Lenox Westwind
Lenox Westwood
Lenox Wheat
Lenox Windsong
Lenox Wyndcrest
Lenox Zerlina
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